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In Faith and Philosophy (January 2007), Elliott Sober once again takes up the question of intelligent design (ID) theory, arguing that the minimalist ID (mini-ID) theory–despite what its proponents claim–has theological implications. Here is how Sober describes mini-ID theory:



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A couple of weeks ago I told a college bound male I know that he might have an advantage when applying to college. His advantage? His gender.

After a generation of co-education, women apply to colleges at higher rates than men. This lack of gender balance in applications seems to be quite pronounced at liberal arts colleges. In order to approximate gender balance on campus, many women are rejected—and many men get a little extra push by admissions committees.

Not long ago, I read about this in a book called The Gatekeepers by Jacques Steinberg.

And now, at NPR, there’s an interview with Alex Kingsbury about this trend. Here is the article referred to in the interview.


(Thanks to Dr. Vitz for the heads up.)

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